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RHYTHM INSIDE is a project that has been created with the aim of prompting the public to discover the values and the quality of the music expressed through rhythm. You can say that it is a musical tree that expands its branches to Live Acts, Music Productions and Record Label. This winter Rhythm Inside decided to build its own space which will operate every Saturday called "Basement" and will be located at Kolonaki, 73 Skoufa str, in the basement of 3 Gourounakia. A special flat place, offered exclusively for dancing, with a very warm and friendly atmosphere to people who love the right way of clubbing and particular emphasis given to audio quality. In a special collaboration with the DJs: Akylla and Pascal respectively, for which recommendations are redundant in the last 20 years, Rhythm Inside will be showcasing it's musical ideas, called House Sessions and Full House. House Sessions is the part in which there will be a special and different expression for each time regarding the House scene and the resident dj of Rhythm Inside: Anthony K. will be sharing the booth with one of the respective residents djs Akylla and Pascal and will be held twice a month. Once a month there will be a a guest local DJ. Full House is the complete expression for the HOUSE scene, which will be held once a month and all three residents djs, Anthony K. - Akylla - Pascal will be sharing the booth. Opening will be around the end of October, launched by a House Session party with Anthony K. & Pascal. With true faith and unconditional love for music, Rhythm Inside Project.

Pascal has been instrumental for the evolution of the dance scene in Greece since the early 90's. His fist steps were back in 1991 when he became resident dj at the alternative Mad club in Athens which was a very underground club similar in style to the Hacienda in Manchester.
The indie fan club kept spreading strong and Pascal soon became its headman, mixing major indie hits at his Mad club headquarters while his party brand, Eye Rave, with him as a resident, rocks the major underground Athenian clubs (Booze, Kraze, Ergostasio, Wild Rose, Camel etc.) and tours all over Greece. His appearances included guestings by Drum Club (UK), Seattle based hip-hop dj Hebegebe, Ricardo (KLF) and live concerts by Stereo Nova among others.
His blending of the alternative rock sound with the early electronic, acid & balearic beats made him a unique dj and propelled his popullarity.
He supported live performances of Chapterhouse, The Farm, Senser, Eat, Saint Etienne and many more, including lots of small local alternative groups and even heavy metal bands. 
Also staged big wharehouse parties in industrial places like old factories with many stages & djs.
In parallel, he held guest spots & residencies at top mobile parties and clubs (Sunrise zone, Alsos, Tessera, Lycabettus etc) playing strictly electronic music. 
During the summer season of '94 he resided behind the decks of Mad in Mykonos island and kept touring in clubs all over Greece spinning Deep House with soul, disco & jazzy elements, his trademark set that he is known ever since.
His next creation Creamy Music (1994-2001) introduced numerous important international & national djs and acts such as Soul II Soul, Marshal Jefferson,Phil Asher & Restless Soul, Paul "Trouble"Anderson, Lenny Fontana, Spiller, Farley & Heller, Rocky & Diesel, Crico Castelli, Ricky Morisson, Rui Da Silva, Shawnny Taylor, Release the Groove records, Vynil Junkies UK, Jose Nunez & Subliminal records, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Kenny Hawkes (RIP) & Space, Nuphonic records, Roy the roach, Street Corner Symphony, Breeze (RIP) and many more along with djs Aris (Faz) & Dj Dennis as co-residents at the peak of their career, influencing the Hard Pumping Athenian dance scene with its Disco & soulful orientation while held residencies at divert venues such as 80's disco club Barbarella, mega club Amfiteatro, underground City Groove and classy +Soda.
Throughout 2 decades Pascal performed in all the major venues and events in Greece like Amfiteatro, Teatro, King Size, Avant Garde, Cavo Paradiso, Just Dance Festival, The Farm, Barrage, Hilton hotel, Magna, Bosa Nostra to name just a few, and held residencies in Hot spots like Lab (the legendary after hours club), +Soda, Amfiteatro, Teatro, Sunrise Zone, City Groove, Mad Athens - Myconos, Mamacas, Astra Myconos, Gallery Myconos, Mommy, Saint George Lycabettus hotel, Alarm, Baraonda... 
He's also been featured in Hit London clubs Heaven, Megatripolis, H.Q and The Castle, has done radio shows at Rock FM and NRG plus guest spots & interviews at many radio stations, Music TV shows & magazines.
He was included in "Greek Men of the 21st Century" along with famous athletes, musicians & actors.
He is currently running his mixed show "Dj Pascal - Ruler Of The Deep" at upcoming underground station Soul-Radio.com along artists such as Kenny Carpenter, Todd Terry, Sandy Rivera & more.
His Donna Summer bootleg track "Space Heaven" was featured on Trash Art 2003 @ BIOS. He did remixes for BMG and a mixed cd compilation under Nuphonic records label (UK). 
In 1998 he selected the soundtrack for the Annual Army New Year's Celebration, which took place in the Athens Military Museum with the presence of the Greek political leaders and many of the country's top athletes and Olympic winners while in 2006 he produced the music of the theatrical play "Y".
From 2001 to Now days he is resident & producer of Majestic parties, held at various venues and with many guest djs like Kenny Carpenter, Alix Alvarez, Osunlade,Mr V, Alex Finkin, Kid Loco and many more plus legendary artists such as disco diva Thelma Houston, Junior Vasquez and others...
He has been spinning all over Athens & Greece in weekly basis in hot spots including 6 DOGS, Soul Kitchen, Blend, Swing, Kalua, Animal, Playground and held residencies @clubs like Baraonda, Boutique, Hilton hotel, Sunrise Zone & Lab parties, Mamacas, Cavo Paradiso (Monthly), Buzz.
From 2001-2010 he has been sponsored by Carhartt, JNCO and U.K’s clubwear Supreme Beeing. Currently is supported by clothing companies Hurley & Electric.
Pascal considers himself a committed explorer of new musical vibes, refusing to define his sets under specific genres, forever pursuing his life-quest for passionate music. 
Others just call him a house junkie..


1.How did it all begin? 
 - It all started by discovering my older brother's rock records & my father’s soul & jazz 7' singles at a very early age maybe around 10 years old.

I remember listening for hours to the same records or songs driving my parents crazy and
later on i was the dj in all the school & kids birthday parties, always buried in piles of tapes &
records while all the other kids were discovering dancing, loving & partying.

2.What artists influenced you growing up?

-Public Enemy, Soul 2 Soul, Michael Jackson, Culture Club, Led Zeppelin, Happy Mondays,

Chicago & Detroit House scene, Guy called Gerald, 808 State, The Stranglers, Future Sound

Of London, NWA, Nat King Cole, Marvin Gaye, Beastie Boys, Frank Zappa, Eric B & Rakim,

New Order , The Magnificent 7 & Jesus Christ Superstar soundtracks, RUN DMC, Yazz, The

Stone Roses, Inspiral Carpets, Teddy Pendergrass, Isaac Hayes, Coldcut, Incognito

3.What are some of your favorite places to perform?

I have favorite places, we all do..What makes a place a favorite, is good music, a great vibe and love in the air. 

4.What would we be surprised to find on your iPad?

-Mixed House, soul & disco sets

5. If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be... 

Listening to records

6.A phrase I use far too often is... 

What goes around comes around

7. I wish people would take more notice of... 

What’s going on around them. Everyone has a huge ego that seems to lead to nowhere so
respect & understanding one another is something that needs to be re-established.
Also some mental music to the dance floors, its not only about the beat but also about the
heart & soul.

8.The most surprising thing that happened to me was..

Being invited to play music at clubs that had no turntables resulting to some hilarious

conversations and amusing solutions and also people coming with tears in their eyes telling
me that the music i played made them discover emotions they had never experienced
before (i suspect they were under the influence of drugs)

9. A common misperception of me is... 

That I am rough, a womanizer and snobby

10. I am not a politician but...

I feel like the president of House music

11. I am very good at.... 

 Video Games and messing things up

12. I am very bad at..

Driving cars

13. The best age to be 
I could say my childhood but honestly right now I’m the best person i have been since

I know myself and I like me much more than before (i was a "bad boy") so i say now is the
best age for me.

14. In a nutshell, my philosophy is this: 
Life is yours, try to spend most of it with people you care about and always do what

makes you happy as a profession. I can’t imagine having spent 23 years doing something I

dislike every day even if it pays better.

15. Some of my hobbies are: 
Listening to music, checking out new restaurants, collecting obscure video games and
playing them, collecting records, buying & selling stuff at auctions

16. How would you describe your personality? 
Schizophrenic, loyal, bipolar, enthusiastic

17. If you could cook dinner for any one person, who would it be and what would you cook? 

I would make simple spaghetti for the girl of my heart and combine it with an expensive

wine proving that a simple guy can always blend with a dazzling woman.

Alternatively I would make sushi rolls and eat them on top of her naked body.

18.How do you make a difference among other musicians?

I try to play stuff that evoke emotions and be more of a "journey" dj going up & down

and left & right in genres, even if it means spinnin' 123 BPM soulful stuff at a techno club. I

prefer to hear that people "didn't get my vibe" than "wow it was great he played all the big

hits" cause I know that those that "got it" appreciate it.

19. What is producing/ djying to you?

My lifestyle, my profession, my hobby, the way of expressing myself

20. On a scale from one to ten rate me as an interviewer
You really suck for giving me 20 questions to answer but I rate you with 9 for being

original and doing your thing. I'm not rating you with 10 because you always need to chase


All Time Favourite Top 10 in RANDOM ORDER:

1-Led Zeppelin – The Rain Song

2-MAW - To Be In Love

3-Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro

4-M.A.R.S – Pump Up the Volume

 6-Culture Club – Love is Love

7-808 State – Pacific State

8- Spiritchaser – Not Far

9-The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses L.P

10-Public Enemy – Fight The Power


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