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RHYTHM INSIDE is a project that has been created with the aim of prompting the public to discover the values and the quality of the music expressed through rhythm. You can say that it is a musical tree that expands its branches to Live Acts, Music Productions and Record Label. This winter Rhythm Inside decided to build its own space which will operate every Saturday called"Basement" and will be located at Kolonaki, 73 Skoufa str, in the basement of 3 Gourounakia. A special flat place, offered exclusively for dancing, with a very warm and friendly atmosphere to people who love the right way of clubbing and particular emphasis given to audio quality. In a special collaboration with the DJs: Akylla and Pascal respectively, for which recommendations are redundant in the last 20 years, Rhythm Inside will be showcasing it's musical ideas, called House Sessions and Full House. House Sessions is the part in which there will be a special and different expression for each time regarding the House scene and the resident dj of Rhythm Inside: Anthony K. will be sharing the booth with one of the respective residents djs Akylla and Pascal and will be held twice a month. Once a month there will be a a guest local DJ. Full House is the complete expression for the HOUSE scene, which will be held once a month and all three residents djs, Anthony K. - Akylla - Pascal will be sharing the booth. Opening will be around the end of October, launched by a House Session party with Anthony K. & Pascal. With true faith and unconditional love for music, Rhythm Inside Project. 

Anthony K.
The founder of Rhythm Inside Project, the resident DJ of the legendary City Groove and the favorite kid of Tribal Winds Records of NY.
Athens born and based dj and producer, he took his first music lessons on the piano, during his adolescence in early 90's, from his father, a jazz guitarist, but always seemed spellbound by electronic music. After attending many jazz events and being influenced by House music and clubs such as Faz (Athens), in 1992 he started spinning records from party to party.
He started his musical productions back in 2000 by releasing his first "White label" vinyl in limited copies and making remixes for friends such as D-Vision & Sunsual's "A better place" and Influence's "The Promise". He appears on Tribal Winds NY, Melomania Records and many more labels. His own first album is now in progress and it will be a mix of nu jazz, afro beats, future disco and House music.
Djing for two decades, there's nothing you can say he is not involved to. From Music productions to Live Band Performances, Anthony was always looking at the quality side of music. His HOUSE sound is a unique blend style of afro rhythms, disco influences, acapellas, eclectic vocals and full band recordings. Today, you will find Anthony playing music and performing live house music with his new project: "Rhythm Inside". A musical live act which weaves a dj set with a live band. A two hours nonstop House music audio streaming performed by a DJ (himself), five additional musicians and a singer. This project launched with this specific name, in January of 2009.
Anthony is turning now Rhythm Inside Project into a music tree in order to expand its brunches to live acts, music productions and a record label. His two first releases, on Rhythm Inside Records, are "Ritmo Dentro" (the Spanish words for "Rhythm Inside") and the "The Story".

Anthony still believes in music's values and provoking its quality.

Interview with Anthony K.

1.How did it all begin?

I think it was something with the ice age... or something, right? hahaha 
Well as a child of a jazz guitarist father and a disco freak mother, music was more important than food.. instruments and hundreds of vinyl records were all over the place. So a piano and a turntable was my first education and that was too early to let me think of choosing something else to do in my life.. but the point is that I was meant to be born and grown in such an enviroment.

2.What artists influenced you growing up?

Even though I had a "classic" music education, I was  spell bound when I first heard of OXYGENE of Jean Micheal Jarre.. It was total magic.
Of course I was going crazy when I was listening to some jazz or disco artists and I think it was just because of the 4/4 beats.. So if you want me to pick a classic artist or band, that was AZYMUTH for sure!! 

3.What are some of your favorite places to perform?

My dream was and still is to perform for people who understand what i am trying to say playing my music. So for me it was never the place, but who was gonna listen. I have performed in some festivals for over 2000 people back in the good old days, i felt the vibe and the feeling of the crowd and i was thinking what more to ask in my life, but there were times that i almost cried in small venues with the expression of the crowd..

4.What would we be surprised to find on your iPad?

uh... that's cruel.. well just to name a few: lots of drum 'n bass shit such as BAD  Company, lots of 90's such as Charlatans, Soup Dragons, Happy Mondays, or Bad Religion or Headhunters or Lion Smith and Jimmy Smith.. whatever from jazz to rock and electronica.. 

5. If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be... 
producing some new stuff, or listening to music or changing dippers to my little twins.

6.A phrase I use far too often is... 

Everything is perfect!

7. I  wish people would take more notice of... 

Love and I don't mean just the word, you know.. that's the problem with humans. There is all the power of the universe in this little word and we are too to blind to see what will happen if we will use just a piece of it every day in our lifes. 

And I mean in everything we are doing, talking, working, kissing, huging, teaching, dancing.. Everything

8.The most surprising thing that happened to me was... 

Back in the days there was a couple who ALWAYS joined me at my gigs, I mean they would show up everywhere, Athens, Salonica, every island I played.. So at a gig in Athens they step up in front of me asking me for an autograph... I loughed and got back at them asking them for an autograph. We smiled and started dancing. I've never got to know their names..

9. A common misperception of me is... 

I trust everybody, so I talk too much... hahahaha

10. I am not a politician but...

I will never be! this is why we are in this situation and I mean the whole planet, because of politicians. I sometimes think how come the people are still voting.. this is totally surprising!!!

11. I am very good at.... 

Music and spending money.  

12. I am very  bad at..

Things that they are not creative, you know.. 9-5 jobs or things that demands simple sense.

13. The best age to be 

Is every age.. if you are happy there are no ages at all anyway!

14. In a nutshell, my philosophy is this: 

Love, nothing less nothing more..

15. Some of my hobbies are: 

Cooking. Yeap I think I was a chef in a former life..

16. How would you describe your personality? 

I am a difficult person to live with, that's for sure. But I am a "share all I've got" guy too. 

17. If you could cook dinner for any one person, who would it be and what would you cook? 

Can I post a picture instead of typing? hahaha that would be a woman for sure!I don't know, I don't have something in mind. A beautiful, sexy and spiritual woman that I would't know, would be great. I would cook oysters.. you know why... 

18.How do you make a difference among other musicians?

Now we are talking,
well I ALWAYS try to express what I feel at the moment or the phase I am going through. That means I am not looking for bangers or hits.. One other thing is that I like to blend native instruments and musicians with electronic elements. I think there's a way you can do it all in music. No boundaries. So this is me, all of my projects include everything music can provide or sometimes are so solid that simplicity is their difference.

19. What is producing/ djying to you?

DJing is what I am, it's the way I can be in touch with people directly and have no fear what to say or do.
Producing is something else: by producing I am achieving and touching all the things life couldn't provide me with. It's kinda like " I don't have to go by the book, not to be in a box, not to follow what anyone believes is right". Producing sets me free. 

20. On a scale from one to ten rate me as an interviewer

10, but don't forget to promote my new venue, ok? lol

Anthony K. 's Fave Top Ten of all times in Random 

1.Marvin Gaye - Lets get it on
2. Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love
3. Bob Dylan - Wish you were here
4. Johnny Cash - One
5. Azymuth - Jazz Carnival
6. Love - Alone Again Or
7. Antonio Ocasio - Shianne
8. Nigel Hayes - Ode to Odyssey
9. Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (part1)
10.Mehliana (Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana) - Just Call Me Nige


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