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RHYTHM INSIDE is a project that has been created with the aim of prompting the public to discover the values and the quality of the music expressed through rhythm. You can say that it is a musical tree that expands its branches to Live Acts, Music Productions and Record Label. This winter Rhythm Inside decided to build its own space which will operate every Saturday called"Basement" and will be located at Kolonaki, 73 Skoufa str, in the basement of 3 Gourounakia. A special flat place, offered exclusively for dancing, with a very warm and friendly atmosphere to people who love the right way of clubbing and particular emphasis given to audio quality. In a special collaboration with the DJs: Akylla and Pascal respectively, for which recommendations are redundant in the last 20 years, Rhythm Inside will be showcasing it's musical ideas, called House Sessions and Full House. House Sessions is the part in which there will be a special and different expression for each time regarding the House scene and the resident dj of Rhythm Inside: Anthony K. will be sharing the booth with one of the respective residents djs Akylla and Pascal and will be held twice a month. Once a month there will be a a guest local DJ. Full House is the complete expression for the HOUSE scene, which will be held once a month and all three residents djs, Anthony K. - Akylla - Pascal will be sharing the booth. Opening will be around the end of October, launched by a House Session party with Anthony K. & Pascal. With true faith and unconditional love for music, Rhythm Inside Project. 

Dj Akylla, resident dj and  music director of the legendary “Magna’ parties until 2000,   founder and resident dj with “Breathe Deep-Athens” has managed to make his presence synonymous with the development of the local underground club culture and to be more precise with the deep soulful scene from the mid 90"s and on.
He also has gained international recognition, by being part of highly acclaimed parties abroad such as Shelter`(NYC), Soul Heaven (UK), Angels Of Love (IT), playing alongside scene legends,  Timmy Regisford, Little Louie Vega, Francois Kevorkian to name a few.

Akylla until this day continues, with the same passion, to take  devoted dancers into long musical journeys thru driving tribal beats overlaid with soulful lyrics. Staying true to his musical roots and to the bare basics of the underground dance culture philosophy, according to which  music and dancers are interrelated elements.

He is also part of a new project, going under the name “Pioneer”along side dj Pascal.

Interview With Akylla 

1).How did it all begin?

As a youngster, was very much in to going out dancing at night clubs which led int getting myself 

2 turntables a mixer accompanied by a weekly 12inch consumers addiction. Also happened to be at 

the right place at the right time, NYC circa 87-95,. 

2).What artists influenced you growing up?

Curtis Mayfield, Aretha franklin, The Doors, Kraftwerk, Yello amongst many others

3).What are some of your favorite places to perform?

I have played many wonderful spaces. I also believe that any given space has the potential of 

instantly firing up depending on the energy brought in by the music and by people who attend... So 

with that in mind, any given space with a descent sound system and a fun, music loving, crowd, 

can become a favorite.

4).What would we be surprised to find on your iPad?

Don't own one

5). If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be...

...doing something else, probably listening to music

6).A phrase I use far too often is...

... so what now

7) I wish people would take more notice of...

 Actually I wish “more” people would take notice of, what is coming out of the speakers, when 

attending a dance party of their choice, instead of strictly focusing on their drinks and visual 


9). A common misperception of me is...

That lots of people think my given name is Achilles 

10). I am not a politician but...

Somebody please! ...stop this world madness

11. I am very good at....

Making scrambled eggs

12. I am very bad at..

Ironing shirts

13. The best age to be

Wouldn’t know haven't reached it yet, will have to get back at you on that

14. In a nutshell, my philosophy is this:

All we are after or in need of is out there, all it takes is reaching out

15. Some of my hobbies are:

Riding my bicycle, wood work... last is, when inspired

16. How would you describe your personality?

In many ways similar but also in others very different to yours, to hers, to his.

17. If you could cook dinner for any one person, who would it be and what would you cook?

Love cooking for my daughter, do it very often.

18.How do you make a difference among other musicians?

I am not a musician, I use other peoples music in an extended long play edit, with which I feel I 

could  please dancers at that given moment. Now on how do I differ to others with similar approach 

to music, `I approach the matter from a different perspective

19. What is producing/ djying to you?

Haven't produced music, but I fiddle alot with my own edits on pieces of already published music

20. On a scale from one to ten rate me as an interviewer

It will have to be a 7........ 

Akylla's  Top Ten of all times.. in random order

1. Freddie' Dead - Curtis Mayfield
2. Is this love- Bob Marley & The Wailers
3. Computer World - Kraftwerk
4.Great Mission- Yello
5.Matress - Fela Kuti
6.Summer madness- Kool & The Gang
7.Everybody loves the sundhine - Roy Ayers
8.You and the music - Donald byrd
9.Make it last forever (levan mix) - Inner Life
10.Cherish The Day - Robert Glasper & Lalah Hathaway


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