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Travel Massive  Heraklion
Heraklion is the largest city on Crete and some say it resembles Athens..
With the goods and the bads. In my humble opinion, I believe it is a beautiful city, a diverse one, with many contradictions. Of course you have noise, traffic, crowds and more but you have beautiful houses, monuments, technology, fantastic wineries and the Minoan Palace Knossos in all it's glory.
Did I mention fantastic beaches?

Here we are in all OUR glory, the Chapter Leaders of Travel Massive in Greece. Departing from beautiful aristocratic Rethymno and on our way to Heraklion..

Heraklion is home of Ioannis Bras one of Crete's Chapter leaders who is also the CEO of Five senses consulting.

Do you know what Travel Massive is? 
Travel Massive is a network of locally organized communities of travel industry insiders who care about making travel better

Our Travel Massive Road Trip took place from May 07 till May 14 2016 and we had the opportunity to sightsee, showcase, collaborate and interact with many different travel and tourism sectors throughout the whole island. The municipality of each prefecture helped us as well, without them some excursions would be impossible. We kindly thank them for their generosity. 

Our first stop was our lovely accommodation Arina Sand Hotel
Thank you Vita Hotels and we promise to come again!!! 
You definitely made every moment of your stay memorable, by offering high quality services.

photo courtesy of http://www.arinasand.gr/

Next stop was The Palace of Knossos, one of the most important major sites Crete has to offer. It definitely is a must visit ,along with a guide -we had the amazing Athena Sfakaki with us- to help you understand everything.
It will take you back thousands of years to the ancient Minoan era .
Thank you AVIS GREECE and Millenium Travel Center for the trip!

Following up was our event at the Marina cafe and delicious food from Five Star Catering, a generous offer from the municipality of Heraklion! 

Next stop was the mayor's office for some serious conversation, and following that , an excursion with Crete Urban Adventures , where we also had the opportunity to learn all about Heraklion & Crete at the Info Point 
Gotta love this city!!  

And yes, a pit stop at the coffee/bar Barolo was in the plans as well!! Thank you for your splendid coffee and cakes!! yum!

Our trip  wouldn't have been complete without my favorite yet serious wine tasting and lunch (oh my, was it delicious) at the "Gavalas Winery" aka "Wines of Crete

Last but certainly not least, maybe the highlight I dare to say, at the most beautiful and very interesting "Minoiki Avli" located at the Heraklion Horse Riding Club, where
Mrs Anna offered the catering and we enjoyed it dearly. 

Mrs Anna of "Minoiki Avli", you are a woman  of Class and Knowledge. Thank you for your warmest hospitality!!

I don't think I can thank them much, and extra thanks for their beautiful gifts!!! 

for powering our event at the Marina Cafe!!

Next trip. Ierapetra

Thank You
Marina Cafe Heraklion
Barolo Cafe Heraklion
By-Raki Flavoured Raki


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