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Crete is a place full of diversity, combining mountain and sea, the new alongside the old, and the modern with history. 
The island has been one of the most popular Greek tourist destinations for many decades, because visitors can gather  a wide range of experience.

The visitor of Crete can visit and explore the beautiful canyons or a mountain, and can also enjoy swimming in a pristine beach on the same day. Luxury hotels and traditional villages with traditional dances and festivals can be included on another day in Crete. 

The diversity and the contrasts make the island a unique destination in the world, not only because of the climate and its geographical location but also because of the Cretan culture and modern life of the locals. 

Crete Experience is a travel office - Destination management company founded in 2013 to serve and promote all the above through  authentic life experiences such as food tours, culinary lessons, wine tastings, fishing trips, ect. The company's long involvement in the tourist promotion of Crete, allows them to create tailor made holiday packages. 
Just by understanding the needs of their customers, they create holiday packages especially for them.

In the field of promotion of destinations and products it has began a  cooperation with chambers of commerce, municipalities,Harbour Funds and other regions of the country. Crete Experiences annualy organizes B2B meetings in different countries of Europe  in order to increase tourist arrivals to the destination and to increase  sales tourism professionals, hoteliers, travel agents and tour operators generally.

Christos Manousakis is the founder  of CRETE EXPERIENCE Destination Management Company
and holds a past  as an executive member of the Committee on Tourism of the Municipality of Ag. Nikolaos Crete. With experience in Project Implementation for creating websites, manuals, booklets, Brochures, and other effects  for the emergence of the city / port, or  the place of destination.
He is also a consultant and research associate for the promotion of cruises, at the Municipal Port Ag. Nikolaos Lasithi Crete. 

Christos  believes that etymologically the word Hellas (ΕΛ-ΛΑΣ) derives from El = sun / light and Las = stone / rock. Greece has indeed the most vivid light in the world. 
The 'light' literally bathes this blessed corner of the earth highlighting the flora and fauna of the seas and mountains.
For Asians, Greece is the country that gave culture in the Western world. For Europeans it is the ultimate holiday resort.
For me , he says,  Greece is the people where in our DNA is 5000 years history, Zorba and pride.
For Elytis it is: An olive, a vine and a boat.

The flagship of tourism and the largest island of the country is Crete.  The cradle of Minoan civilization, the oldest civilization in the world. Birthplace of Zeus, father of gods, who taught hospitality. The 'tourist' for us is a sacred person and receives special treatment from the locals. This is one of the reasons which Crete has the most repeating visitors. Crete  offeres for all budgets and all tastes. It is the destination with great variety in everything. What he would suggest to guests whether they choose a 5 stars accommodation either a compartment is to socialize with the locals, who will show them the authentic Crete.  The would gain life experiences so that their stay will be memorable and of course taste the Cretan diet, as according to scientific research. is the healthiest diet and gives longevity.

Since 2016 his  company, despite the economic crisis has invested in transport by purchasing it's first Contemporary coach for comfortable and luxurious and safe passenger transport in all European capitals. Their aim is to organize and sell organized road trips within the European Union. They address: Travel agencies, cruise companies, groups and individuals. .


Ilia Sotirchou 23,
72100 Ag. Nikolaos Crete-Greece. 
mob.: +30 6972553112
tel.: +30 6974728266 
e-mail: info@cretexperience.com

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