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Rethymno Conquered

Rethymno, the small yet beautiful region of Crete is the uncut diamond of the island. A city that was entirely built by Venetians, it holds an old aristocratic appearance while the narrow streets, the old Venetian harbour, the archaelogical ruins and the raw beauty of the nearby villages make it a destination waiting to be discovered.

Rethymno, oh Rethymno with your delicious food and deligthful desserts..

The first thing I did upon waking up the next day of our arrival in Rethymno, was to visit the sweetest patisserie Skartilakis- Mona Lisa   in the old city to devour some syropy crispy and ever so creamy "Galaktoboureko". MY. FAVORITE.DESSERT.
I mentioned it first, because I am a foodie lover. 

When in Rethymno pay a visit, with an empty stomach and a loaded pocket.. You will definitely want to shop a month's worth of fresh sweets and pastries..

And then I popped in right next door at Meli-Melo for some fresh ground Greek Coffee ..  I felt very traditional, very local and very Greek indeed that day...

It was so amazing, because the day before ,  we had visited the "Chromonastery" Military Museum of Rethymno  and had the opportunity to learn more about the Greek culture, the history,the religion, and I think it was there where I  felt proud of Churchill's saying "Greeks don't  fight like heroes, but heroes fight like Greeks".. 

We also had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the Ancient Elefterna museum, before it's official opening next month. 

The walk down the Mili Gorge was a bonus..  And a wonderful experience..You should try it.

photo courtesy of www.tanea.gr

Yes,only for us, and thank you VERY much Mrs Pepi Birliraki ,Vice Mayor of Rethymno, and Mrs Marinela with your impeccable knowledge for making this conducted and so needed tour a reality.

After sightseeing the Ancient Eleftherna Necropolis, we went straight to the museum, to admire, to understand, to look with awe and appreciate the wonder our ancestors left us as a heritage.
I don't think I can ever be grateful enough.

Our excursion ended at the Poliou House, an interesting mix of a small folklore museum,a house, and a restaurant. We were greeted by the owner, the family and two very friendly dogs..

Thank you very much for your outstanding hospitality and delicious food.

Day two, was a Crete Urban Adventures overture . We explored the city, talked to the mayor and also enjoyed swimming at our hotel pool..


When in Rethymno, if you want ultra lush and high end accomodation, I strongly recommend the Rimondi Boutique Hotel 

However if you want value for money, select the Fortezza Hotel .  It will surprise you with the ammenities it has, the service and the scenery.

Our two day stay ended with our Travel Massive event at the Contemporary Art Museum  and a lovely dinner from   1600 raki ba raki

Our Travel Massive Road Trip took place from May 07 till May 14 2016 and we had the opportunity to sightsee, showcase, collaborate and interact with many different travel and tourism sectors throughout the whole island. The municipality of each prefecture helped us as well, without them some excursions would be impossible. We kindly thank them for their generosity. 

What is Travel Massive? Travel Massive is a network of locally organized communities of travel industry insiders who care about making travel better

We hold events all around the world to bring together travel & tourism companies, travel bloggers, startups, and travel media to connect and share globally. This is why we organised a long, tiring yet productive and mind-opening road trip. The results? Countless. 

Thank you 


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