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Kat Von B aka the Traveling Greek is an International Travel blogger, avid coffee drinker and hotel snob in search of the perfect wine, sunset and pillow not necessarily in that order. She took her love of social media and created a business focusing almost exclusively on Twitter in the tech/travel industries. Her motto? "Over deliver!"

courtesy of Kat Von B

Kat is my friend and work ethics inspiration, so an interview on my blog was essential. Thank you, Kat!

1. Why have you become a sensation in the Social Media field? Who are you and how do you stay in tune with the latest updates, innovations, and platforms on social media?
-I think I've been successful because I'm real. I post about things I truly believe in, like, and think others will have a great experience with. I've never compromised for a payout. It's all real.
How I stay ahead of the curve is by reading about trends in social media, every single day. I also am more organic than most. It doesn't take me any more time but the feel is different.
The very definition of social media is "To be social" so auto-posting everything seems like a direct contradiction.

courtesy of Kat Von B

2. Who influenced you growing up
-My parents. Their work ethic. There has never for a second been anything I didn't think I could achieve. They always told me to work for what I want, no shortcuts.

3. How or where do you like to chill?
-I like zoning out on planes. It's the one place no one can reach me and I love it!
Wine, headphones, and sleep.

4.What is your favorite part of your job?
-Everything! I'm very social.

5. You are not a politician but...
-I'm not political at all. The current state of politics in the US almost makes it seem like someplace I don't recognize

6. What metrics do you use to measure the success of your social campaigns? 
-It depends... I'm pretty faithful to Twitter Analytics which are excellent. If I'm looking for expanded reach, impressions and overall detail I use Hashtracking. 

7. How do you want your clients to remember you?
-As someone who genuinely cares steps out of the box and goes above and beyond.

8.Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond to get a job done.
-Every day in dealing with customers for various brands. Each issue is different with the end goal being a happy customer. 

courtesy of Kat Von B

courtesy of Kat Von B
11.You are very good at?
-Everything I love.

12. You very bad at?
-Delivering bad news

13.Your philosophy in short is?
-Work hard, play hard, live in the moment.

14. Your hobbies?
-I work, it's my passion and my hobby.

courtesy of Kat Von B

15.You would like people to take more notice of?
-I wish that people would be less judgmental. You never, ever know what someone is going through and unless you've walked in their shoes, you are clueless.

16. If you could cook dinner for a few people, what would you cook and for whom?
-Anyone that would want to eat what I cook is brave. I don't cook, EVER!

17.How do you make a difference among other social media experts?
-I'm sharp, quicker than most and unlike others, I focus on what I'm best at. To over deliver is always the goal.

Courtesy of Kat Von B

18. What is well-being to you?
-Spas... I was meant to live in a spa.

19.  A common misconception of you is?
-That I'm not nice. In business, I'm straight to the point and it's often mistaken for being sharp. I'm really the nicest person in the world but I know what I'm looking for and sometimes people are a bit intimidated.

Courtesy of Kat Von B

20. Who are the majority of your clients? 
-Travel and Tech companies are my sole focus.

21.How do you deal with negative comments or a brand reputation crisis? 

-With humor, or to just be honest regarding whatever is happening. Transparency is everything! 

22. What accomplishment makes you proud? 
-This past year I started to think about my future and if blogging is truly my “thing.” I got an idea to go back to the island my mother was from (Syros) and decided to create a campaign around the island called #DiscoverSyros. I brought over a select group of content creators with the goal being to let people(outside of Greece) know that there is this amazing place, not commercialized (yet) that still allows you to get an authentic feel of Greece.

It was hugely successful and from that, a new, separate business was formed. I’m already looking ahead to 2018 and the possibilities.

All pictures are Kat's favorites and belong to her. 

You can reach her on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TravelistaStyle

and on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/travelinggreek/ 


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