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My favorite 2018 Makeup trends 

By MUA Evrianthi Papadopoulos

The trend for the upcoming year is all about eyes with a more minimalist approach to the skin! The eye trend comes in the form of an intentionally clumped mascara, bold bright colored strokes of eyeshadow, GLITTER embellishments or an artistic graphic eyeliner. When the trend is not about the eye it’s about a RED hot lip. No more overdoing highlighting and contouring and blushers and bronzers. Ahhh, how refreshing!!

CLUMPED MASCARA- For this Twiggy Esq. look apply your favorite mascara by massaging the wand horizontally back and forth from the root of the lash then pulling up and out with the wand till you get the desired length and volume. Then use the tip of your wand to create 3-5 sections of lashes to create that starry-eyed look( if this doesn’t work you can take your tweezers and pinch sections of lashes together)

THE ART OF EYELINER- I love this trend because it allows for some fun new ways to wear eyeliner. Eyeliner doesn’t have to be perfectly lined at the lashes for this one nor do you have to create a perfectly pointed flick. You can create a floating liner, a thickly rounded flick or create shapes using black eyeliner that mimics your eyes natural curvatures and angles. All you need is some a felt-tipped liquid liner pen or a gel liner like MACs Fluidline or Penultimate liner with a thin or medium brush depending on which liner trend you’re going for. Have some q-tips and m-up remover on hand if things get messy!

KOHL RIMME D EYE- This look is super sultry and will make it hard for anyone not to stare (in a good way- obvi!!) To get this look, line the inner top and bottom rims of your eyes with a bold black pencil – don’t be shy. Keep it tight in the rim and slightly smudge it to the outer top and bottom lashlines for a more effortless look OR you can add more liner and really smudge it into the lashline pulling it out more to create a winged liner, too! Keep it small with clean lines or wing that sh*t out by smudging the edges for a more lived in from last night’s party look.

RAINBEAU EYED BRUSHSTROKES - Have a big brush? Some bold colored eyeshadow you bought and never used? Now is the time to bust them out and make some beautiful rainbow eye babies. Take that bug fluffy or flat brush and swipe on a bold shadow across those lids and you’re done! This trend doesn’t have to be blended unless you want to BUT I’d say if you’re using a cream shadow use the flat brush and don’t blend it… let the brush strokes be seen!

GLITTER IS A GIRLS BEST FRIEND - Glitter is a super fun way to make the eyes pop and sparkle in a way no other makeup can. Use more of a fine glitter or chunky 3D glitters in all shapes and sizes for a supersized portion of this trend. If you want to keep it simple and clean just pop it on your lids using your finger or a flat brush over a primer or after you put on your eye cream so it sticks! TIP: Glitter is messy! So have scotch tape on hand and use it to dab onto the areas of the skin and under the eyes, glitter may have fallen onto.

RED LIP LOVE - Nothing says confidence like a woman who wears a classy red lip. If your gonna wear it, own it! You can wear a solid bold sculpted red or do an ombre effect. A softer way to wear it this year is to feather out the edges by ditching your lipliner and using a fluffier brush to apply it instead of the stick itself. Keep the skin simple and fresh i.e. not too much coverage with your foundation and don’t overdo the highlighting and the contouring.


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