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Best of 2014 
as Greek as it gets
Who made an impact last year
in my personal humble opinion..

Λίγοι και σημαντικοί φίλοι/φίλες και συνεργασίες για τις οποίες είμαι ευγνώμων και περήφανη. 
Άνθρωποι που αποτελούν κίνητρο, καλλιτέχνες, επιστήμονες, προϊόντα και υπηρεσίες με Ελληνική στάμπα και καθόλου φρου φρου και αρώματα.. heart emoticon

La Grece Jaime Best Greek Platform/website of the Year

La Grèce J’aime

Home of all creative aspects of our country, bringing the most visionary people of Greece into just one place. Greek designers, fashion brands, photographers, young talents, artists, fashion bloggers, musicians; all fit and mingle together in la Grèce J’aime!  

La Grèce J’aime was born out of defiance. Defiance to Accept that Greece has stopped creating and inspiring the world.. 

'Margaret Cruzemark Best Fashion blogger of the year

Miss Margaret Cruzemark

She has always been talking about the latest in fashion , she has a distinctive mix & style, and she is famous for speaking her mind .. Ladies & Gentelmen, fashion blogging today is all about Miss Margaret Cruzemark...

Not a common fashionista though, because this notorious style icon  has a character of her own.. 
A character that reflects in every editorial she posts and is the main reason she plays with fashion & styling smoothly, giving it that proper edge. 

Hara Vam NY's finest "It Girl"

Hara Vam

Clinical Research Doctor by Day,

Local DJ by Night

Fashion, Arts, History & Politics Aficionado 24/7.

Contributing writer to Soul & Style, 

A Native New Yorker with International sense,

Greek sensibility, Poetic Mind, Old World Flair and Rock n

Roll Glamour.

Manolis Manousakis Composer/Sound artist

Manolis Manousakis

Born in Athens in Greece (1975). He studied composition and film at Columbia College Chicago in Illinois. In 2006 he graduated from the Ionian University with a Masters Degree in Electroacoustic Composition. He is currently a research student at DMU studying with John Ritchards and Andrew Hugill. 

He works as a composer since 1998. He has composed works for small ensembles, solos, electroacoustic installations, video art  and multimedia shows. He has also composed the original music for theater shows, documentaries, tv series, short films and theater dance shows. 

Aphrodite Koumpiou Female 

Aphrodite Koubiou

Studies at the University of Business administration, Food and Agricultural Products

and co-runs the family owned business & gem Centro Porto Cafe in Nafpaktos.

Aphrodite is also the coolest lady in town. 

Jmp  & Dousk Producers/Djs of the year

Jmp & Dousk

It's only wonderful seeing that these two have been voted  as one of the best House music Artists for 2014 worldwide by Traxsource!! Although Dousk has been successful from day one of his international career I am more than proud to see JMP hit the Top 100 charts.. He has such a brilliant future ahead..

Yorgos Karamihos  Actor/ Director of the year 

Yorgos Karamihos

Yorgos Karamihos is an actor, director and acting teacher, born and raised in Greece. He graduated the Philosophy and History Department of Ionian University and The Greek National Theatre Academy. In 2012 he received a Fulbright Scholarship as an exceptional artist to attend the fulltime program at Stella Adler Acting Academy in Los Angeles. As an actor he held lead roles in more than 40 theatre plays of a range repertoire including ancient Greek dramas, Shakespeare, A.Checkov, T. Williams, F.Vendekind etc. . Fluent in French, German, Greek, English, George directs and also teaches at Stella Adler. 

Eleni Galani/ Medical Oncologist 

Eleni Galani 


Dr Eleni Galani was awarded the fellowship of the European Society of Medical 
Oncology (ESMO) and furthermore the fellowship of the Hellenique Society of 
Medical Oncology (HESMO). In 2005 Dr. Galani was board certified in Medical 
Oncology. From 2005 she has been worked as a medical oncologist initially at Henry 
Dunant hospital and since 2007 at Metropolitan hospital. 

Dr. Eleni Galani is an author on more than 40 original publications in medical 
journals, has presented over 100 papers in Greek and international conferences. She 
has been invited as a speaker and has chaired several medical conferences. Dr. Galani 
is also a key author in international and national oncology books. 

Kostas Karafotis / Singer 
Kostas Karafotis

Greek singer with a great voice, very professional and punctual. That is the general description. 

Those closer to him know he is a very cool man, a good friend and a serious businessman. 

The funny, caring, gorgeous athlete and entrepreneur is a bonus. Kosta is the co-owner of Sol art Cafe, runs Marathons and attends events for good causes. He is currently singing at Perivoli tou Ouranou.

All Organic Greek Garden/ Products to Devour

All Organic Greek Garden” 


Offers a variety of organic products produced with care on our land, from olive oil and Kalamon table olives to fresh produce. Greek Tv/Film Director Manousos Manousakis and his family made a firm decision to revive a unique olive grove situated at the foot of Mount Parnonas, in the historic village of Sellasia, situated near Sparta, Greece.  After years of uninterrupted devotion their product has reached the top quality they were seeking, therefore they can now proudly share it with their friends. www.allorganic.gr 

Go Local Tours/ Tourism & Ecotourism 
Go Local Tours

* Small luxury cultural tours and independent travel packages
* Featuring creative itineraries for the discerning traveler
* Escorted tours (up to 12 travelers) that go off the beaten track.
* Slow travel and ecotourism movement.
Welcome to Go localtours. A different way of travelling and discovering the secrets of well-known destinations. You will experience our selected locations, through the eyes of a local.
Travelling like a local means experiencing a new location just like a local would: immersing yourself in the culture, doing what they do, eating what they eat, and avoiding the cookie-cutter tourist  experience.Our journeys promise to reward all your senses with exquisite tastes and surprises. 



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