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Tamarind, Aroy!!!!  

That's my only impression of my happy yum yum place in one of Athens most diverse neighborhoods. Somewhere I go, when I crave delicious spicy foods, privacy, intimacy and fun. Did I mention awesome cocktails too? 

Once upon a time, me and my friend Kat Von B , a traveling specialist and influencer were tripping over dinner plans.. We were not in the mood for more Greek food, gourmet plates were out of the question, Mexican cuisine was overplayed and she wanted spicy. So I mentioned Tamarind to her, because I remembered having heard about the delicious authentic Thai Cuisine it serves. No reservations were made, but we decided to give it a try later that evening.

  1. For those who don't know, Tamarind is a tropical leguminous tree (Tamarindus indica) with hard yellowish wood and a fruit with an acid pulp. It's also a beautiful ornamental tree. 

  2. In South India, the tree is grown in the precincts of temples to the Mother Goddess who battles evil spirits at night.
Do you believe in Magic?

The mixed reviews weren't a turnoff, as I firmly believe that it's hard to satisfy each and every customer who has his own personal tastes and preferences, but with an overall of positive reviews I was in for the foodporn thrill. 

And who could blame me ?

Kwey tiew Ruer Soup I love you!! But I'll do the Thom Kha Khai soup next time.. It winked at me.. 

Dim Sam you rock my world, Ghai Tod Sam Rot my belly has a crush on you!!! 

Lahp Gai, you are my lucky salad indeed!! Thank you. 

Seua Rong Hai (or else, the Crying Tiger ) you are my favorite dish in the world!! 

Most people go crazy over the Phad Thai but if you ask me, I am more into the Gai Peu Whun of all stir fried.. 

And last but not least, Gaeng Massaman we became best friends if you haven't noticed. 

These are my personal preferences on the menu, and YES, I have become a regular customer.. I couldn't help it. 

The ambient atmosphere, the ethnic decoration, the music, the warm service won my heart. And my belly.. 

Now, the surprise of one of those evenings were the cocktails.. I am not a fan of beer, so I decided to order a cocktail, a strong yet simple one to compliment my dinner. The bar was right behind me so I did a small chit chit with the bar manager and told him about my alcoholic preferences.

Oh yes, he delivered a strong, yet sublime drink for me, not too sweet, not too sour, but just good enough to make me  enjoy my food even more. Cudos!! 

So, yes as you may have guessed, apart from being a foodie , a Thai lover , an alcoholic in the making (just kidding here) and a girl with a lust for atmospheric venues, I am also a girl who loves to give away secret hideouts of my city.. If you can't handle attentive, friendly, diverse, fun, and smoking or non smoking places with delicious food, this is not your piece of cake. 

Otherwise, be our guest, and enjoy!!!  

Tamarind : Kerameikou 51 | Metaxourgeio , Athens
+30 21 0522 5945
20:00 - 12:00

The photos are not mine, I would post my own but there is one small problem. I don't have a camera that would capture the best of this restaurant, my phone would kill each and every photo, due to the lack of bright lighting. Sounds fair, right?


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