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Nakou Village 

I recently had the opportunity of staying on a beautiful property, the Nakou Village, located on the mountainous Koutsounari area near Ierapetra, Crete.
I think I found my inner peace here, I found tranquility and I also believe this place has become my personal retreat.

Nakou Village is a 20 apartment complex, each one styled differently, with a huge garden full of flowers, bushes, and trees. It has a blue and turquoise pool and an amazing view of the Libyan Sea. Of course, it is surrounded by mountains, this is Crete after all. One of the most beautiful islands in Greece with endless landscapes.

For those who don't know, Eleni Nakou, whom the village is named after, was born in Athens in 1931 and received her education in Switzerland and London. Her life work was in quality tourism and her enthusiastic spirit left a lasting imprint where she was the partner and co-founder first of the Minos Beach hotel in Ag. Nikolaos then of the Elounda Beach hotel and the Elounda Bay hotel. In 1974 she restored the traditional cottages in Koutsounari, and while she had plans for further development, her sudden death in 1986 put a halt to her project.

The property now belongs to the Mandala Family, who have been trying their best to keep the Cretan philoxenia alive. Dora, Emmanuel and their daughter Ioanna are of the most lovely, professional, and kind spirited people I have met, and their personalities reflect everywhere.

Nakou Village is highly recommended for families, couples and people who prefer relaxing holidays. They can explore the nearby beaches, the landscape and they can devour traditional Cretan food. Meanwhile, every apartment is beautifully detailed, very clean and fully equipped. 

Inside tip: Enjoy delicious traditional meals from Dora Mandala, the owner, and hostess at the  Breeze Pool tavern
She is an exceptional cook.  Ala carte kai dish of the day.
The tavern operates from 15 July -15 September from 09-18:00 hrs.

The Mandala family has put in so much effort, love, and positive energy, that you actually feel like home here. I think the proper word is Tranquility. Or is it Serenity?

I think this is a slice of paradise.

Or maybe this?

And this 

You know you are in love with the complex when you even take pictures of your room number. And the greeting pillow. And the details on the stools. A most photogenic territory I have to say!


When you retreat in an apartment perched upon a mountain, with a panoramic view of the Libyan sea, and you enjoy homemade jam, many essentials and amenities, when the majority of the products are either homemade or outsources from local farmers and producers, what is there not to love? 

Have you booked your vacation yet?

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