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Variety Cruises Open House

Being a yacht lover and working in  a similar business field, last week I had the opportunity to explore 6 vessels of 8-strong fleet of Mega Yachts & Motor Sailers.
Most of the Variety Cruises ships reunited in Athens before deploying to exotic destinations, and I was delighted to enjoy each and every one of them, while also enjoying the famous Variety Cruises hospitality. 

Vessels were available for inspection on Friday, 21 October 2016 and although the Greek Sun was nowhere to be seen, the Greek Philoxenia of  Variety Cruises was shining with all it's glory. 

M/Y Variety Voyager at a Perama shipyard. 

The Yachts available for exploring were 

· M/Y Variety Voyager

· M/Y Harmony V
· M/Y Harmony G
· M/Y Callisto
· M/S Panorama
· M/S Galileo

Variety Cruises is not only one of the leading yacht cruise lines worldwide, it also provides customers with a unique opportunity to explore marine attractions and live an amazing experience with safety along with luxury. 

It's a family owned business, and the third generation has taken the reigns with success. They have kept the company's spirit with luxurious, friendly, safe and knowledgeable services, yet they have upgraded the cruise lines to hip, stylish and sensitive to humanity. Was I the only one that noticed that Manos Hadjidakis, the famous Greek composer had his tribute through the whole open house? I don't think so. Variety Cruises is well known for supporting Greek Local and international artists, as the company was born in Greece, and never forgets that. 
All vessels carry the Greek Flag. 

For those who don't know, Variety Cruises is all about sustainable tourism connecting the passengers with the local communities of each destination, via their no for profit foundation VARIETY GETS INVOLVED INITIATIVE. 

They also have become involved with providing local education support to the available infrastructure, they offer support to the Archbishop Makrios scholarship fund, and they also have become involved with the Trevor Project, the leading suicide prevention line for the LGBTQ youth community. Last but not least, they initiated the Kuntaur film festival  aiming to connect Global film communities within the Gambia and to discover and promote emerging talents. 

M/Y Variety Voyager is Variety Cruises' Flagship beauty. The new build 68m/223ft state of the art Mega Yacht accommodates just 72 passengers in 36 cabins.  
The key words are comfort and elegance. . 

The Variety Voyager seduces her passengers with her sleek lines and ample deck space, very much what one expects from a millionaire’s super yacht.



What else can someone ask for, if not a voyage to uncharted areas, where other ships can't reach?
There is something about traveling with intimacy and privacy, while discovering harbors that are hard to reach. 

                                                            M/S GALILEO

M/S Galileo 



Only those who prefer to travel on smaller luxurious ships can understand the importance of the friendly and travel oriented  staff . The heavenly smell of  fresh food, and the importance of cruising with the ability to explore the new, the hidden gems all the exotic destinations have to offer.



M/Y Callisto 

Speaking about destinations, Variety Cruises offers only the most prestigious yet interesting and off the beaten track ones. 

  • Greece & the Greek Islands
  • The Greek Isles & Turkey
  • The Adriatic Sea: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania & Greece
  • Costa Rica & the Panama, including a Panama Canal transit
  • Cuba All Year Around
  • The Seychelles All Year Around
  •  Madagascar & Mozambique Islands 
  • The Canary Islands
  • Cape Verde Archipelago
  • Iceland

Great amenities & luxury and beautiful destinations at affordable prices.. What more can a sea lover ask for? 

After all, "Sea Our World" is the Variety Cruises Motto.. 



You can contact Variety Cruises by clicking on the link that will redirect you to their website.


Alexandra Lavida


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