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The Home Beach Body Makeover with Angie Beis

Many of us complain that we have no time to hit the gym.. Or we have no money, or ..just many excuses.. Truth is, most of the time we get lazy..
Today, Angie is showing us a few exercises, mostly to define legs, glutes and core.. And all these exercises can be done at home.. Let's give in, and give it a try!

To begin with, in order to lose weight, we should try to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. That can be done by eliminating sugar and flour from our daily caloric intake. Breads, alcohol, sugary beverage drinks, etc.
It should be a lifestyle change, not a temporary change.. And last but not least, we should dedicate ourselves to this change.

All exercises should be performed 4 times a week, and each week we can add more reps to routine.
Let's begin with a 10 min' warm up 
All exercises should be repeated once more, so we have a ten (10) minute overall warm up

  • Jogging in place 1min
  • Jumping jacks    1min
  • Split jacks          1min
  • High Knees jog  1min
  • Butt kickers       1min

Perform 4 sets with minimal rest in between 

Exercise One : Burpees (works on chest, core, thighs, glutes) 10 reps
  • Start in Plank position
  • Engage core muscles
  • Full push up into plank
  • Thrust (knees to chest)
  • Squat jump

Exercise Two : Alternate lateral lunges (works on thighs, glutes) 15 reps
  • Take a step to the side
  • Push Hip Back
  • Right knee bent (all the weight on right leg) 
  • Left leg straight
  • Chest out
  • Repeat left side 

Exercise Three :Single Leg Pelvic Lift (Glutes, Hamstrings, lower back, calves, core) 15 Reps
  • Supine position (ανάσκελα)
  • One foot down, other leg up
  • Lift pelvic. hold position for three seconds and lower slowly 

Exercise 4 : Back Extension ( Erector spinous muscles) 10 Reps
  • Prone Position (μπρούμυτα)
  • Lift arms and legs up simultaneously (Hold position for 5 seconds)
  • Lower Slowly

Exercise 5 : Mountain Climbers (Cardio, core, legs) 15 Reps
  • Plank position
  • Bring one knee to the chest then alternate
  • keep core muscles tight & weight distributed in the middle of the body NOT on wrists

Exercise 6 : Single Leg tricep dips with chair  15 Reps
  • Position hands behind glutes
  • Lift one leg in air
  • Engage core muscles
  • lower body by bending elbows
  • lift body to starting position by extending elbows

Single Leg squat & Pushups with chair
Single leg squat: 
  • lift right leg 
  • use left leg to push yourself up
  • stand up all the way, left knee shouldn't be locked, right knee should be 90 degrees from hip & toes directly under knee.
  • perform 10 reps then switch. 
  • keep stomach muscles and engaged, shoulders pulled back and chest out

Push up with chair 
  • plank position, hands on chair 
  • bend and extend elbows 
  • inhale when u go down and exhale at the up phase 
  • stomach muscles engaged at all times 
  • neutral pelvic alignment

ANGIE BEIS  Systemized personal trainer at 

Velocity NYC


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