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Paraná Delta
Paraná Wetlands: a side trip from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an exciting city that offers an intense array of activities anytime of day of night, both for locals and visitors, while at the same time not being as intimidating or overwhelming as other Latin American megalopolis like San Pablo or Mexico D.F.

There are many alternatives to explore for the foodie, the shopper, the partygoer or those interested in cultural activities. But the question to be asked in these few lines is where do we go when we need a break and a day in the park is not enough? The city has its beautiful green spots if you want to relax for a few hours. The Tres de febrero park in Palermo district or the Natural Reserve on the south riverbank are well known by joggers, cyclists and anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

But if you are looking for something different the Delta del Paraná in Tigre district is a great option, a maze of rivers and islands that has a charm all of its own. Since the early 20th century, this spot has been a favourite destination of the people of the city and its outskirts to pass weekends, do aquatic sports, or even find their own little bit of paradise to write and pursue other creative activities. The Delta area spans an area of over 220km2 (and growing) and offers something for all budgets and tastes.

You can arrange a river tour in one of the docks, or take the packet boat and spend the day in one of the riverside parks, have a picnic or rent a canoe to see nature from another point of view. And if you have enough time you can spend some days getting in touch with the Delta's way of life. The choice of accommodation is huge and varied. It goes from luxury cabins with room service to rental houses in more rustic surrounds. It's best to do some research on the web first and find the itinerary you prefer.
Here are some directions: Location Tigre is located 32km north of the city of Buenos Aires. You can get there by bus, train or car in less than an hour. Once you're there, the points of embarkation are: The boat terminal in Bartolomé Mitre St. 345 Puerto de Frutos, market and dock, in Sarmiento St. 100

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Vanina Osci
Lives in Buenos Aires and works as a Graphic designer for Página12, a local newspaper. Her expertise
is editorial design. I\She take pictures for pleasure, to explore colors, shapes and textures. Currently, she
has been learning old lace techniques and has started to work in textile art.

Photos Courtesy of Vanina Osci & Leonardo Garcia



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